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Performance Grades: Less than 24 hours remaining to book a June Performance Grade.

Performance Grade exams

We are now offering Performance Grade exams every month. Please check here for dates and fees. We are extending the introductory 15% discount for these exams so that it applies to all remotely-assessed Performance Grade and ARSM exams in 2021. Just enter code ABPG15MO when you book. Please also read our terms and conditions here.

Performance Grades discount: system error

We currently have an error in our systems relating to discount codes. When you add the code your order summary will show that 15% has been added to the total, not taken away. However, the 15% discount will be applied to your booking and the correct total will appear at the top of the next screen before you pay. We're working to fix this and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Grade 5 Music Theory waiver (not applicable in the UK & Ireland)

We are extending our Grade 5 Music Theory waiver until 23 May 2021. This means that candidates with a Grade 6 to 8 Performance Grade exam submission date up to and including 23 May can take their exam without first passing Grade 5 Music Theory. We are making this exceptional arrangement to allow candidates who have been unable to take an exam in recent months to progress with their learning. From 24 May, the Grade 5 Music Theory requirement will return. For exam dates/exam submission dates after 23 May, all candidates taking a Grade 6 to 8 Performance or Practical Grade must first pass Grade 5 Music Theory.

Orchestras for All's Modulo Programme is now free to all state schools!

National music education charity Orchestras for All (OFA) has announced that for one year only, access to their transformative Modulo Programme for state secondary schools will be free of charge to all participants, offering vital support to music teachers and young musicians throughout the UK.

“With Covid-19 having radically changed the music-making landscape, music departments across the country are currently facing huge challenges to play music together safely. We also recognise that financial constraints remain as one of the main barriers to participation in the arts.

Now more than ever, Orchestras for All believes in the importance of music-making for young people, and its ability to transcend educational ability, socio economic status and disability. By offering a free, flexible programme of specialist coaching, digital resources and performance opportunities, we invite music teachers to sign up and create a nationwide musical network that can keep music alive in our schools during these challenging times.” Nick Thorne, OFA Executive Director

The Modulo Programme, which usually costs schools £300 per year, supports music teachers working in state secondaries to set up a small ensemble - a ‘Modulo ’- and make music together. Whether beginner violinists or experienced electric guitarists, all instruments and skill levels are welcome.

Over the past seven years, the Modulo Programme has brought thousands of young people together to perform live as a massed pop-up orchestra, opening up the benefits of music- making to many who otherwise wouldn’t get the chance. Reacting to the extra challenges of Covid-19, this year’s programme is focused on supporting teachers to keep music-making going in their schools, providing any state secondary schools who wish to participate with the following:

  • Rehearsal resources full of rehearsal plans, activity videos, and backing tracks
  • Online rehearsal sessions and masterclasses from BBC Philharmonic, City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra and City of London Sinfonia
  • Attendance at virtual and, Covid-19 restriction-pending, face-to-face pop-up orchestra days at inspiring venues
  • Brand new ensemble arrangements with parts for all instruments at all skill levels from beginner upwards, including keyboards, ukulele, guitar and percussion
  • Support for ensemble leadership skills

OFA is here to support schools wherever they are on their musical journey. The programme has been redesigned this year to offer extra flexibility, enabling teachers and young musicians to participate in the aspects that best support them to make music. All activities have been designed to work within social distancing guidelines and will suit any school looking to kickstart music-making.

Whether online or in-person, Modulo activities have a proven impact on the young people they involve. Maisha, a violinist who took part in online activity in August 2020, said: “I really enjoyed the online sectional because I got a lot of help. I liked being in small groups because I haven’t had a music lesson in so long – like a proper one.”

Jen Redmond, Digital and Learning Manager at OFA’s partner orchestra, BBC Philharmonic said: “We‘re delighted to be able to work with Orchestras for All to support schools across the country to get back to music-making. We’re looking forward to meeting young musicians at all skill levels, whether online or in person, and can’t wait to work with them to make music together!”

Anyone interested in finding out more is invited to join a free CPD webinar introducing the programme, content and some top tips for leading an ensemble on 2 December. To register your interest, please email [email protected].

To sign up to the Modulo Programme and for more details, please visit:, or email [email protected]g

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