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Performance Grade exams

We are now offering Performance Grade exams every month. Please check here for dates and fees. We are extending the introductory 15% discount for these exams so that it applies to all remotely-assessed Performance Grade and ARSM exams in 2021. Just enter code ABPG15MO when you book. Please also read our terms and conditions here.

Grade 5 Music Theory waiver (not applicable in the UK & Ireland)

We are extending our Grade 5 Music Theory waiver until 23 May 2021. This means that candidates with a Grade 6 to 8 Performance Grade exam submission date up to and including 23 May can take their exam without first passing Grade 5 Music Theory. We are making this exceptional arrangement to allow candidates who have been unable to take an exam in recent months to progress with their learning. From 24 May, the Grade 5 Music Theory requirement will return. For exam dates/exam submission dates after 23 May, all candidates taking a Grade 6 to 8 Performance or Practical Grade must first pass Grade 5 Music Theory.

欢迎使用Aural Trainer


用户通过一系列互动挑战,学会精准地识别和描述乐曲的音乐特征和不同点。Aural Trainer 1-5和Aural Trainer 6-8涵盖ABRSM听力测试的所有单项环节,包括视唱和模唱测试。使用Aural Trainer,您可在任何时候任何地方有效地备考和发展听力技能。

ABRSM Aural Trainer与iPhone®、iPod touch®和iPad®兼容。.

什么是ABRSM Aural Trainer?

Aural TrainerABRSM Aural Trainer是一款实用的应用程序,包含各种互动挑战,以提高用户的听力技能,让听力练习更具吸引力。这个应用围绕ABRSM音乐考级的听力测试而设,简易上手,适合任何人。

Aural Trainer不是用来替代传统听力练习方法而是作为其补充。用户无论何时何地都可以进行课间个人练习,无需使用钢琴。它是将简短强化练习融入您例行练习的完美方法。

如何使用ABRSM Aural Trainer?

无论何时何地,只要您想要练习听力技能,都可以使用ABRSM Aural Trainer。学生可以用它进行个人练习,老师可以在课堂使用以培养核心听力技能。

Aural Trainer中的习题均与ABRSM考试标准素材一致,但允许用户以不同的方式进行练习。在尝试考试风格的题型之前,用户可以将各要素内容单独或略加组合地进行练习。

Aural Trainer让您按照自己的需要重复练习,无需第一次就答对!您可以先听一次题目不作答,然后选择“再试一次”才作答。Aural Trainer为您提供参考答案,助您检查和评估自己的表现;它还为练习打分并提供反馈,帮您提高听力技能。

Aural Trainer 1-5

Aural Trainer 1-5 includes:

  • Interval trainer
  • Exercises covering:
    • Pulse and metre
    • Echoes
    • Differences
    • Melodic repetition
    • Sight-singing
    • Musical features
    • Rhythmic repetition
    • Metre

Aural Trainer 6-8

Aural Trainer 6-8包括:

  • Cadence Trainer (终止式练习)
  • 新练习涵盖:
    • 旋律重复
    • 视唱
    • 和弦
    • 转调
    • 音乐特征
    • 节奏重复
    • 拍子

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