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我們全新以演奏為重點的遠程評估等級考試 將為考生在這非常時期,提供了另一種可以向前邁進的途徑。這個以演奏為重點的考試,無論在考試要求、資格認可和價值各方面,均等同於我們的術科等級考試。兩個考試的曲目和考綱相同,評估標準和質量保證準則一致,並且均由曾接受嚴格訓練的考官進行評估。這全新的考試預計將在今年年底以前,開放予澳門考生報名,他們從即時起可開始為考試進行錄影。請瀏覽我們網頁查閱更多有關考試的資訊

Exam booking help and FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about entering ABRSM exams are provided below. If your question is not answered on this page, please contact us.

  • Candidates may be entered for an exam by a school, a teacher of music, a parent or guardian
  • Adult students over the age of eighteen may enter themselves for an exam
  • Anyone who makes an ABRSM exam entry becomes an applicant and receives a unique applicant number

To enter by post, download an entry form and send two copies to your Local Representative. We will send you your applicant number upon receipt of your entry. 

To enter by post, download an entry form and follow these instructions. We will set up an applicant number for you upon receipt of your entry.

Please contact us and we will retrieve your applicant number for you. 

Visit our results and certificates page for further information.

Your results will be displayed when they have been through all our quality assurance and checking procedures. Please contact your Local Representative for further information. 

Contact your Local Representative

Please fill in our retrieve password form and we will email your password to the email address you have registered with us.

We display a timetable each session on the appointments page of when we hope to confirm appointments. If you have received appointments for some candidates but not all we will send further emails when the rest of your candidates' appointments are available.

If you are at all worried and the exam session is about to start please contact us.

We will email you when the appointments have been released for your candidates. If you have more than one application we will email when each appointment becomes available. We will also email if appointments are amended for any reason. To avoid any disappointment please make sure that your candidates understand that we may not be able to give you exam appointments in your preferred week.

We display a timetable each session on the results page of when we hope to confirm Practical results. We will also send you an email when your results are available. Practical results are usually released within two and four weeks and Theory results should be displayed four weeks after the exam date and posted within six weeks.

If your card is declined but you are sure that you have sufficient funds to cover the exam fees please save your entry and resubmit later.

We are never given details of why a payment has been declined and it can sometimes be due to system connections beyond our control.

If you continue to have problems, please try again with a different card or contact us.

Please type in your applicant number again as this message means that there is an unnecessary space in the number itself.

This is caused by the security settings in your browser. Please select Tools, Internet Options, Security, Trusted Site and key into the box provided. You should now be able to use our form.

  • You can make entries during the 6 weeks before a main session closing date and up to 4 weeks before a Special Visit.
  • The save option enables you to complete all your entries over a longer period of time as you decide which of your candidates are taking exams. Don't forget to submit before the closing date! Remember that multiple entries may not be timetabled consecutively.
  • You need to have your credit/debit card details ready when making your entry. Confirmation that we have received your entry will be sent to you by email within 30 minutes. This is not a receipt of payment as the banking system can take a couple of days.
  • For a short time after the entry closing date you can amend names, ages, gender and NCN numbers on your submitted entry.

Contact us explaining what problems you are experiencing. If the problem is technical and not covered here please email us telling us the name and version of the browser you are using, if you are using a PC, Mac or UNIX and how you access the internet so that we can help you further.

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